Fingers Crossed for Longhorns Victories

“Friday Night Lights” or “Sunday Night Football” is almost synonymous to Texas. Texas is a state that is well connected with its sports spirit and the love of sports comes inherent in all Texans. The love of the sport, be it football or any other for that matter always ranks high for the people of the state. No team is a little team for the state, no sport a little sport, no athlete a little athlete. Each is valued with great regard and respected individually.

Every victory for any team is well celebrated and decorated in the hearts of Texans with a splendid oomph. Imagine a team that strikes a hat-trick in wins. Imagine the level of enthusiasm three wins in a row for three years in a row brings to a state like Texas. Can this happen? Has this happened? Oh yes!

The Suffolk West Longhorns is the team who has been able to score top notch and bring victory home three years in a row. That is one mind boggling run for any team. This span of victory doesn’t come without an even harder urge to win again and bring home the title of the National Championship. For the Longhorns, that will be a task well in size to upchucking several hurdles. The old champs have bid their goodbyes and it is now up to the rookies and the newbies to carry on the torch. The coaching sessions will have to be more vigorous than ever as other teams will come at them with everything they’ve got. The coach has his work cut out for him as well, and the staff will have to provide their undeterred support and encouragement every step of the way.

Baseball being a game that needs a well developed strategy of signs and signals, it is only beneficial to the Longhorns that their process is well defined and their strategies categorized, well practiced with spotless execution. This was made clear in a game against LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. LSU’s baseball team has mastered the art of signs and signals. There is definitely something to learn from them. Another commendable attribute of LSU was the team spirit that the fans exhibited pre, during and post game.

LSU baseball merchandise was visible for miles not just in and around the stadium but all around town. The Tiger People Clothiers have an exciting and updated inventory of the hippest, coolest and most spirited merchandise in Purple and Gold! LSU’s “Love Purple Live Gold” campaign has been aided and supported with the fabulous clothing & accessories made available to fans of all ages through and their physical store location on campus.

Longhorn fans are definitely not behind in any way when it comes to team spirit. The scene is most definitely painted in the Burnt Orange and White when there is any Longhorn game or match! Let us keep our fingers crossed for the Suffolk West Longhorns and see where this and the coming seasons lead them. As we like to around here, “Coming soon… A long chain of victories for the Longhorns!”

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